ECE Newsletter Fall 2020 cover

The ECE Current Newsletter – Fall 2020 (pdf)

Table of Contents

Letter from B.S. Manjunath, ECE Chair: UCSB ECE one of the leading depts in the country — two new faculty, junior faculty garner awards, COVID pandemic and remote instruction, and plans to revamp the undergraduate curriculum and advising
In Memoriam: Augustine “Steen” Gray – faculty member from 1964 to 1980 – one of the first three faculty members in the department and helped to establish ECE
Spotlights: New Faculty — P. Li (CE) & G. Moody (EP); Faculty Mentorship — R. Pedarsani (CSP); Graduate Student Spotlight — Z. Fahimi (CE); Alumni — V. Jayaraman — Founder, Praevium Research
Research: ECE Research Initiatives — Ass't. Prof. Mahnoosh Alizadeh (CCSP), PI Smart Infrastructure Systems Lab and Professor Chris Palmstrøm (EP), PI Palmstrøm Research Group
Recognitions: Faculty Awards — D. Blumenthal, Y. Isukapalli, J. Klamkin, B.S. Manjunath, S. Mitra, G. Moody, Y. Mostofi, M. Rodwell, S. Smith and Y. Xie. Student Awards — John & Sheila Lake Award (J. Bovaird – EE); Hynes-Wood Award (B. Dong – CE); Outstanding Srs (R. Franc – CE & W. Jiang – EE); Outstanding TA (R. Kirkpatrick – CE and R. Ruschel do Santos – EE); and 2019-20 ECE Donors