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The ECE Current Newsletter – 2023-24 (pdf)

Table of Contents

Letter from B.S. Manjunath, ECE Chair: "Together, let us embark on another successful year, shaping the future of electrical and computer engineering"
Spotlights: New Faculty — Ass't. Prof. Qian Yu and Prof. Niels Volkmann; ECE Summit 2023 — Keynotes: Umesh Mishra (Faculty) & Yulun Wang (Industry); Panelists: M. Peters, A. Jammalamadaka, P. Parikh, S. Gupta, Y. Yang, D. Fouts, A. Fang
Research: ECE Research Initiatives — Assoc. Prof. Galan Moody, The Quantum Photonics Lab; Ass't. Prof. Yao Qin, The Qin Group
EE & CE Capstone 2023: Spotlight EE Project – FusionSense (tool for real-time collection of mm-wave radar data): N. Singh, J. Chen, A. Dinkelacker, P. Rerolle, and O. Convery; Project Overviews – EE & CE Capstones & Award Winners
Recognitions: Faculty Awards & Honors — K. Çamsari, S. Denbaars, Y. Isukapalli, J. Klamkin, U. Madhow, B.S. Manjunath, S. Mitra, U. Mishra, C. Palmstrøm, M. Rodwell, D. Strukov

Student Awards — Fang Fellowship (E. Kayede – EE); Ed Hass Outstanding Junior Award (Y. Song – CE & A. Pilaka – CE); Outstanding Senior (T. Hu – CE & S. Tseng – EE); Outstanding TA (M.J. Yang – CE & K. Agashiwala – EE); Outstanding Graduating Senior (A. Koh – CE & Y. Nemoto – EE); Roger Wood Scholarship Award (B. Lee – CE & H. Larson – EE); Rediker Scholarship (H. Gangaswamy – CE & A. Madan – EE); ECE Outstanding Dissertation Award (H. Andrade); Herbert Kroemer Fellowship (U. Soylu); Fiona and Michael Goodchild Mentoring Award (Shailja); John & Sheila Lake Excellence Award (J. Gutierrez); and Summer ‘23 Research Accelerator Award (S. Chatterjee)

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