"Gas Turbine Control and Monitoring"

Gennady Kulikov, Professor, ACMS Dept., Ufa Aviation University, Russia

March 31st (Thursday), 10:00am
ESB 2003

A complex of dynamic models is discussed for Gas turbine engine control and monitoring systems over the life cycle. It includes the Real-time piecewise linear dynamic model and Stochastic Markov model of gas turbines. Markov modeling is proposed for systems identification (as an alternative to Kalman filter) and hierarchical monitoring. The problem of Optimal control for gas turbines using the Real-time piecewise linear dynamic model individually adjusted and mathematical programming is covered, along with the new generation start-up system for aero engines. Joint research with Sheffield University (UK) presented in a Springer monograph co-authored by Prof. Arkov (RU), Fleming and Thompson (UK).

About Gennady Kulikov:

Professor Gennady Kulikov is the Head of Automated Control and Management Department at Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russia. His research interests include Automatic control and monitoring of gas turbines and Corporate information systems.

Hosted by: Professor Joao Hespanha, CCDC