"NeoSilicon based Nanoelectromechanical Information Devices"

Shunri Oda, Professor, Quantum Nanoelectronics Research Center Tokyo Institute of Technology

July 28th (Thursday), 3:00pm
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164

NeoSilicon is a novel functional material consisting of ensemble of nanocrystalline Si quantum dots with controlled dot size and inter-dot distance. Bandgap of NeoSilicon can be controlled by dot size due to the quantum size effect, and transport properties are controlled by inter-dot distance due to the tunneling effect. A variety of new applications, such as ballistic electron surface emitting display, high-efficiency light-emitting devices and photovoltaic devices is expected. MOS and NEM hybrid devices are promising for logic, memory and sensing applications, since new functions with ultralow power consumption are expected. Further scaling of NEM devices may provide novel functions based on unique phonon dispersion characteristics in nm-scale. Precise control of charge states in the multiple-coupled quantum dots is essential for spin based quantum information processing. In this talk, I will introduce fabrication of highly integrated nanocrystalline Si dots with uniform size, non-volatile NEM memory devices with a bistable floating gate, NEM-SET hybrid transistors, and unique transport processes in multiple-coupled quantum dot systems.

About Shunri Oda:

Shunri Oda received the B. Sc degree in physics, the M. Eng. and Dr. Eng. degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1974, 1976 and 1979, respectively. He is a Professor in the Department of Physical Electronics and Quantum Nanoelectronics Research Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology. His current research interests include fabrication of silicon quantum dots by pulsed plasma processes, single electron tunneling devices based on nanocrystalline silicon, ballistic transport in silicon nanodevices, silicon based quantum information devices, and NEMS hybrid devices. He has authored more than 540 technical papers in international journals and conferences including 150 invited papers. He edited a book (with D. Ferry) “Silicon Nanoelectronics” (CRC Press, 2006). Prof. Oda is a member of Electrochemical Society, Materials Research Society, and a Fellow of Japan Society for Applied Physics. He is a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Electron Devices Society.

Hosted by: Professor Kaustav Banerjee