"CANCELED: Programmable Logic for High Performance Networking"

Dr. Gordon Brebner, Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx, Inc.

August 2nd (Tuesday), 1:30pm
Harold Frank Hall, Room 4164

It is now forecast that Terabit Ethernet will be needed in 2015. (A 1 Tb/s data rate means that the estimated memory capacity of a typical human could be transmitted in 24 seconds.) In this talk, Gordon Brebner will give an overview of research which demonstrates that Field Programmable Logic Array (FPGA) devices can be main processing components for 100-200 Gb/s networking, a main event horizon in 2010, and points the way to how techniques might scale (or not) towards a 1 Tb/s transmission rate by 2015. The highly configurable, and reconfigurable, characteristics of such devices make them a unique technology that fits with the requirements for extremely high performance and moreover for flexibility and programmability. Aside from discussing the physical technological properties, the talk will overview work on higher-level programming models that can make the technology more accessible to networking experts, as opposed to hardware/FPGA experts.

About Dr. Gordon Brebner:

Gordon Brebner is a Distinguished Engineer at Xilinx, Inc., the worldwide leader in programmable logic solutions. He works in Xilinx Labs in San José, California, USA, leading an international group researching issues surrounding networked processing systems of the future. His main personal research interests concern dynamically reconfigurable architectures, domain-specific languages with highly concurrent implementations, and high performance networking and telecommunications, with also a historical interest in computational complexity. He has authored numerous papers and the book "Computers in Communication", and holds many patents. Prior to joining Xilinx in 2002, Gordon was the Professor of Computer Systems at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, directing the Institute for Computing Systems Architecture. He continues to be an Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh, is a Ph.D. advisor at Santa Clara University, and is a visiting lecturer at Stanford University.

Hosted by: Professor Daniel Blumenthal