"Optimizing the Layout and Error Properties of Quantum Circuits"

John D. Kubiatowicz, Professor, UC, Berkeley

November 2nd (Wednesday), 3:30pm
Computer Science Conference Room (HFH, Rm 1132)

In this talk, I will discuss Berkeley’s efforts at designing efficient architectures for Ion-trap quantum computers and will present our Computer Aided Design (CAD) flow for quantum circuits. The CAD flow can automatically insert quantum error correction, partition and layout quantum circuits, optimize the placement of teleportation and error correction operations, and evaluate the error properties of the resulting layout. With the CAD tool, we are able to study and optimize large quantum circuits (such as adders, Shor’s factoring, etc). Among other things, I will argue that quantum circuits should be evaluated in the context of suitable metrics such as ADCR — the probabilistic equivalent of the Area-Delay product. This talk will reinforce some of the important recent lessons in quantum computing, such as the fact that communication cost and errors significantly impact the behavior of quantum circuits — so much so that a full layout of a target quantum circuit is desirable. Among other things, I will (1) present Qalypso, a quantum datapath architecture that optimizes ancilla generation, (2) discuss the design of routeable teleportation networks, (3) show how a simple error-correction optimization based circuit retiming can improve ADCR by an order of magnitude or more. This later optimization can produce circuits of greater reliability by removing error correction steps.

About John D. Kubiatowicz:

John Kubiatowicz is a Professor of EECS at the University of California at Berkeley. Prof. Kubiatowicz received a dual B.S in Physics and Electrical Engineering (1987), as well as an MS in EECS (1993) and PhD in EECS (1998), all from MIT. Kubiatowicz was chosen as one of Scientific American's top 50 researchers in 2002, one of US News and World Report's "people to watch for 2004", and is the recipient of an NSF PCASE award (2000). Kubiatowicz's research interests include quantum computing design tools and architectures, manycore Operating Systems architecture and resource management, multiprocessor and manycore CPU designs, Internet-scale distributed systems, and long-term digital information preservation.

Hosted by: Fred Chong, Director, Computer Engineering Program