"ECE 188A/B and ECE 189A/B Capstone Senior Project Presentation Day"

ECE 188A/B, ECE 189AB project presentations and Noon Poster Session with Free Pizza

June 7th (Thursday), 9:00am
to 4:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB) 1001, 2001, and Courtyard

ECE 188A/B, ECE 189A/B, and CMPSC 189A/B students present their final projects from the two quarter courses — Full Event Schedule
photo of students with project

  • MORNING Session (9:00a-12:00p): Electrical & Computer Engineering 188A/B (ESB 2001) and Computer Science 189A/B (ESB 1001)
  • LUNCH Session (12:00-1:00p): Poster Session in the ESB Courtyard — Free Pizza sponsored by Citrix Online
  • AFTERNOON Session (1:15-4:00p): Electrical & Computer Engineering 189A/B (ESB 1001)

MORNING SESSION (9:00a-12:00p): Electrical & Computer Engineering 188A/B (ESB 2001)

  • VirtualU (9:00-9:30): 3D modeling using four Microsoft Kinect sensors for use in a virtual fitting room. Group – Brandon Gomez, Jon Waltman, Jay Wright.
  • ICARUS Spectral Characterization System (9:30-10:00): robust tool for collecting angularly resolved spectral power density measurements of light sources. Group – David Cosenza, Seth Danielson, Alfredo Torres.
  • BrightBlu (10:00-10:30): smartphone controlled Bluetooth home automation complete with the world’s first app-store for your home. Group – Sidhant Bhargava, Ben Chang, Taylor Umphreys.
  • Android QuickDraw (10:30-11:00): android-based glucose meter. Group – Laurel Hopkins, Bassel Ihsan, Taishi Kato.
  • PHANTIR (11:00-11:30): near-infrared imaging platform. Group – Jeff Imamaru, Kevin Lee, Di Li.
  • flexSD (11:30-12:00): flexible sigma delta remote signal processing platform. Group – Alec Dibble, Daniel Kouba.

LUNCH SESSION (12:00-1:00): Poster & Free Pizza Session in the ESB Courtyard

AFTERNOON SESSION (1:15-4:00): Electrical & Computer Engineering 189A/B (ESB 1001)

  • AURCA — Advanced Universal R/C Aircraft (1:15): a model airplane with GPS, gyros, and a remote interface that allows a computer and its user to fly the plane and see live video. Group: Alexander Adams (leader), Michael McKeown, Ethan Preble, Sebastian Siakowski.
  • PIP — The Plug-in Player (1:45): an MP3 player with an SD card, LCD display, keyboard, audio decoder to expand files into sound, power supply, and speaker/headphone output. Group: Luis Rocha (leader), Mike Erez-Kdosa, Edward Gabriel, Kevin Malby.
  • RoboLock — Remote Door Lock (2:15): a device mounted to a door that can be remotely unlocked from any internet-connected device, be it a cell phone or a desktop computer. Group: Brian Dunlay (leader), Matt Brick, William Moy, Bryan Wang.
  • AERV — A Smart Telephone Interface (2:45): a programmable autodialer device that can originate a phone call, play a message, hangup and go to the next requested call. Group: Chance Carpenter (leader), Ron Bendor, Joshua Chamberlain, Rotem Raviv.
  • UAC — Unmanned All-Terrain Camera (3:15): a camera in a remote-controlled vehicle. A user can control the car and watch the video from a remote location via a wireless interface. Group: Perry Yang (leader), Changhao Huang, Baker Ngan, Danny Trinh.

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