"From Voice Processing Research to Serial Startups"

David Wong, ECE, '73, '74, '79

November 2nd (Friday), 11:00am
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 1001

photo of david wong
David Wong started as a freshman at UCSB in ECE in 1969, not really sure what he wanted to do, except to take in as much education and good weather as he could. Through the guidance and inspiration of different professors, with a few lucky breaks, he ended up at ground zero of the Internet, DSP (digital signal processor), and VoIP (voice over internet) technology. After finishing his Ph.D., David worked as a research engineer on Voice Processing with a small team of grads and post-docs, and tried his hands at teaching at UCSB part time, much like any other young academic. During those 4 yrs as a research engineer and teacher, he received frequent invitations from research labs, universities, and industry; he knew that he had to choose a path forward some time. Eventually, the lure of building the first voice mail system based on the UNIX operating system and first generation DSPs was too much to resist, so he joined his first startup. After he completed all the technical work he committed to deliver for the voice mail company, and not satisfied to be just an engineer, he founded his own startup. Twenty five years later, he is on his fifth or sixth startup. He had some winners, he had some losers. It was a roller-coaster ride, and he missed some really BIG ones along the way. The journey continues. What will be next?

Hosted by: ECE Chair & Professor Jerry Gibson