"56Gb/s VCSEL Technology"

Chris Kocot, Principal Scientist at Finisar Corp.

October 26th (Friday), 10:00am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Room 4164

Recently, Finisar demonstrated 850 nm VCSELs with a 3 dB bandwidth of 24 GHz at room temperature and 15 GHz at 95C. Experiments at IBM have shown that these advanced VCSELs combined with equalization can operate above 50 Gb/s and should continue to be part of the solution for future high speed serial links. The data rate of 55 Gb/s is the highest publically reported data rate for any VCSEL regardless of wavelength. The presentation will discuss aspects of these high speed VCSELs.

About Chris Kocot:

Chris Kocot is a senior Scientist at Finisar Corporation in Sunnyvale, California where he provides technical leadership to R&D projects in the area of high-speed module design, microwave and signal-integrity simulations, and optics design. He is also working on 28G VCSEL development projects. Chris received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering under an exchange program between Warsaw University and Stanford University. He started working at Hewltt-Packard Laboratories in Palo Alto, CA as a Member of Technical Staff on MESFETs and later on HEMTs and subsequently on high-speed photo-detectors, APDs, LEDs, and VCSELs. Later, he became a Department manager at the Agilent Fiber-Optics Division in San Jose, CA. His department developed state of the art 850 nm and 980 nm VCSELs and high-speed photo-detectors (APDs and photo-HBT). Chris then joined Novalux, Inc in Sunnyvale, CA as director of the Laser Engineering Group. He led the development of high-power red, green, and blue external-cavity lasers from their infancy to maturity with proven reliability and high power in the visible range (3W red, 8W green, and 8W blue). He has more than 20 patents related to photo-detectors, APDs, HEMTs, ICs, LEDs, and VCSELs.

Hosted by: Professor John Bowers, Electrical and Computer Engineering