"Modern Problems in Green Communications"

Dr. Daniel Kharitonov, Juniper Networks Inc.

February 8th (Friday), 10:00am
Elings Hall, Room 1601

As we move closer to the digital society, the feasibility and sustainability of connected life becomes increasingly challenged and criticized. A large part of this criticism lies with the growing energy footprint of communications that threatens to slow the progress of networking. While scientists and research organizations have long paid attention to this problem, insofar the impact of academic research in this area had little traction with the industry. This growing gap between networkers, researchers and general public may have long-term impact on our society. This talk will offer an insight into this problem from the industry perspective. It will share industry’s views on the current and future environment-related problems in networking and silicon development. The talk is intended for the wide audience of computer scientists and electrical engineers interested in learning about the potential commercial and social impact of their work.

About Dr. Daniel Kharitonov:

photo of daniel kharitonov Daniel Kharitonov is a principal engineer at Juniper Networks, a leading manufacturer of routing and switching equipment. His primary background is in protocols development, with Engineering degree from St. Petersburg State Technical University and post-graduate education at Central Research Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics in Russia. Having joined Juniper in 2002, Dr. Kharitonov contributed to a number of critically acclaimed projects, including core and multichassis routing systems, edge and universal edge devices. Prior to joining Juniper, Dr. Kharitonov worked for a number of startups in supercomputing and data processing areas. On the green communications side, Mr. Kharitonov acted as a co-founder of ECR Initiative and later contributed to harmonization of metrics and test methodologies between study groups of study groups of ITU-T, ATIS, ETSI, Climate Savers Initiative and the Broadband Forum. He is an author or co-author of many publications on topics of energy efficiency in the data communications environent that appeared in the industry press, peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. In his free time, Mr. Kharitonov enjoys skiing, surfing and travel.

Hosted by: Professor Kaustav Banerjee