PhD Defense: "Ultra-Low Loss Waveguides with Application to Photonic Integrated Circuits"

Jared Bauters

August 1st (Thursday), 2:00pm
Materials Research Lab (MRL), Room 2053

photo of jared bauters
The typical planar waveguide propagation loss of around 10 dB/m is five to six orders-of-magnitude larger than that in ultra-low loss optical fibers. This wide gap in loss performance has prevented planar waveguide technology from bringing potential improvements in stability, footprint, energy consumption, and fabrication cost to photonic applications requiring long propagation lengths or ultra-high-quality-factor resonators. In this work, we report our progress toward fiber-like losses on a chip using a planar silicon nitride waveguide technology. We demonstrate record low planar waveguide propagation loss below 0.1 dB/m, which makes it feasible to put hundreds of nanoseconds of delay and planar resonator structures with quality factors greater than 100 million on a chip. Through the integration of these silica-based structures with the active building blocks of UCSB’s hybrid Silicon platform, complex and high-performance PIC systems such as optical gyroscopes, true-time-delay networks, and optical transceivers can be fabricated on a silicon substrate.