PhD Defense: "Distributed Tracking and Re-Identification in a Camera Network"

Santhoshkumar Sunderrajan

August 15th (Friday), 12:00pm
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Room 4164

This dissertation addresses the challenges in large scale deployment of wide area camera networks and automated analysis of resulting big data. Analysis of such data is limited due to communication bottlenecks and low computational power at individual nodes. The presentation will focus on distributed tracking and search/retrieval in a camera network.

For object tracking in overlapping camera views, we propose a strategy for inducing priors on scene specific information into a multiple camera tracker. Contextual information such as crowd flow, entry/exit points, and known obstacles can be leveraged as scene specific priors. A novel probabilistic multiple camera tracking algorithm with a distributed loss function for incorporating scene priors is proposed, and this leads to a significant increase in the overall tracking accuracy. For non-overlapping views, a novel graph based model is proposed to represent spatio-temporal relationships between objects for search and retrieval tasks. This representation exploits the fact that objects occurring in close spatial-temporal proximity are not completely independent and serve as context for each other. Additional information such as appearance and scene context can also be encoded into the graph model to improve the overall accuracy. A graph ranking strategy is used to order the items based on similarity with an emphasis on diversity. Extensive experimental results on a ten camera network are presented.

About Santhoshkumar Sunderrajan:

Santhoshkumar Sunderrajan is a PhD student in the ECE Department at University of California, Santa Barbara. He holds an M.S. (2009) in ECE from UCSB, and a B.E. degree (2007) from Anna University (India). His research interests include computer vision and large scale machine learning. His graduate research work is focussed on multiple camera tracking, object re-identification and activity analysis. His paper describing the tracking research won the excellent paper award at the ACM/IEEE international conference on distributed smart cameras (ICDSC 2013).

Hosted by: Prof. B.S.Manjunath