"GRIT Talk — ‘RF and Robotics: Opportunities and Challenges’"

Yasamin Mostofi, Associate Professor, ECE, UCSB

July 1st (Wednesday), 5:00pm
Hatlen Theater, UCSB

photo of yasamin mostofi
These days, radio waves such as WiFi signals are everywhere. Can we use them for sensing? In this talk, I will discuss our latest results along this line. First, I focus on achieving x-ray vision with only WiFi signals, showing that it is possible to image details through thick concrete walls with only WiFi. Next, I focus on occupancy estimation where I show how to extract the level of occupancy from WiFi measurements. With the vision of unmanned vehicles becoming part of our everyday society soon, the talk also shows how WiFi signals can give x-ray vision to robots.

FREE and OPEN to the public | Refreshments Provided

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