"Design and Engineering of Pattern Formation in Gene Expression in E. coli"

Justin Hsia, Postdoc and Lecturer, UC Berkeley

March 7th (Monday), 10:45am
NOTE: Time Updated to 10:45am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164 (ECE Conf. Rm.)

The production of patterns in gene expression in an ensemble of cells is a phenomenon central to the development of multicellular organisms. The design and engineering of pattern formation systems in a model organism are of significant impact to both emerging efforts at engineering multicellularity in the synthetic biology community as well as new guidance for those groups looking for similar phenomena in natural systems. In this talk I will present a brief overview of my work in designing and engineering spontaneous pattern formation systems in E. coli based on Turing pattern formation (i.e. diffusion-driven instability) and contact-dependent inhibition (CDI).

About Justin Hsia:

photo of Justin HsiaJustin Hsia is a postdoc and part-time lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley. He received dual B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) and Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2007. After working at Lockheed Martin, he returned to UC Berkeley to work on his Ph.D. in EECS, where he studied design and analysis of synthetic biological networks with Murat Arcak, focusing on patterning systems. Before finishing his Ph.D. in 2015, Justin gained extensive teaching experience in both EE and CS courses, including as an instructor.

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