"ECE 188A/B/C Senior Capstone Project Events: ME / EE Design Fair (June 3) & Design Showcase (June 9)"

ECE 188A/B/C, Senior Students

June 3rd (Friday), 11:00am
Engineering II Courtyard
ME / EE Design Fair and Year-End Celebration

June 9th (Thursday), 4:00pm
Campbell Hall
ME / EE Design Showcase

The Capstone Project gives ECE students the opportunity to put their education into practice. Students, working in small teams, design, build, and present a challenging engineering design project. The design challenges, of which each team selects one to tackle, are proposed and supported by UCSB faculty research groups or by industry. Projects typically involve design and implementation of both hardware and software systems.


ME / EE Design Fair and Year-End Celebration(Fri, June 3rd 11:00am-2:00pm in the Eng. II Courtyard): poster event and project demonstrations
ME / EE Design Showcase(Thu, June 9th 4:00pm-6:30pm in Campbell Hall): teams give a large-scale eight to 10 minute “TED Talk” on their projects


2016 ECE 188 PROJECTS:

** Magnetic Levitating Hyperloop Pod
EE Team: Mary Alice Callaghan, Juan Castillo, Elena Georgieva, Christopher Johnson, Terrence Tran
Supporters: Ingersoll Rand, Jonathan Siegel, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Tenon Intersystems, California Chamber of Commerce, UCSB Economics Dept, UCSB Associated Students, UCSB College of Engineering
Mentors: Various
NOTE: this project is entered entered in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

* Handheld Thermal Imaging Projection System
EE Team: Lorena Covarrubias, Zachary Schmidt, Vishaal Varahamurthy, Anna Wu
Supporter: FLIR Systems
Mentors: Marcel Tremblay, Sean Tauber

* Thermal Imaging Detection System for Security
EE Team: Duzhi Chen, Mengying Lei, Jiafu Wu, Hongjie Zhang
Supporter: FLIR Systems
Mentors: Marcel Tremblay, Sean Tauber

** Lightbulb Speaker
EE Team: Nicholas Bottomley, Zhengshuang Ren, Zhanming Zhang
Supporter: Sonos
Mentors: Clay Sanford, Nathan Pike

Hardware Accelerated Image Processing
Team: Scott Ireton, Jiayi Jiang, Devin Reed, Tianqi Xu
Supporter: Toyon
Mentor: Richard Cagley

Next Generation Bioluminescence Detection System
Team: Zachary Davis, Duke Nguyen, Saman Salari, Jonathan Sladewski
Supporter: GeneWEAVE (a division of Roche)
Mentors: Diego Rey, Werner Frei, ECE Prof. Luke Theogarajan

* Team includes Mechanical Engineering students
** Team includes Mechanical and Computer Engineering students


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Hosted by: The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department