"Subversive Innovation"

Herman Schmit, Intel Programmable Solutions Group

October 13th (Thursday), 11:00am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164

These are my collected techniques to be effectively innovative in a successful enterprise. Successful companies are successful because they understand and satisfy their current customers. But prioritizing the needs of current customers can distract from the mission of designing products for the future customer. This state of affairs is known as the “Innovators Dilemma” and is the burden of many successful companies. Because being innovative can often seem irresponsible or unresponsive to current customers, it can be seen as irresponsible or subversive. This talk will capture some of the ways that you can subversively innovate, and hopefully keep your job. It will also discuss how to foster the innovative spirit within yourself.

About Herman Schmit:

Photo of Herman Schmit Herman Schmit saw his first FPGA in 1986 and was intrigued, puzzled, and fascinated by how a software device could be hardware. He received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in 1995 and was on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon until 2003. He relearned all he knew about FPGAs by being one of the founding team members of two FPGA startup companies. He has been at Altera (now Intel Programmable Solutions Group) since 2011.

Hosted by: Professor Malgorzata Marek-Sadowska