May 10 (Mon): "The Impact of Information in Cooperative and Noncooperative Systems," David Grimsman, ECE PhD Defense

Date and Time
Zoom Meeting – Meeting ID: 860 9071 1480 | Passcode: 819474


Large-scale autonomous systems are those with many components that act based on individual preferences. No component can access all information within the system, due to time or computation constraints, therefore, each component must make decisions based on constrained, local information. In this talk we will discuss how constraints on information sharing among the components affect the overall emergent behavior of the system and how a system designer might incentivize the components toward globally beneficial actions. Specifically, we will cover scenarios where the components are tasked with a cooperative goal, and one with the presence of an attacker who cannot be directly affected by the system designer.


David Grimsman is a PhD candidate in the ECE department working in Jason Marden's lab

Hosted by: Professor Jason Marden

Submitted by: David Grimsman <>