Apr 27 (Wed) @ 1:30pm: "Cathodoluminescence for Compound Semiconductor Characterization: Technological Considerations," Samuel Sonderegger, Attolight AG

Date and Time
Henley Hall, Rm 1010

Zoom Meeting – https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/87330594395?pwd=emI5V0M0OW40TkplZEI1U2tDMU9Gdz09



Cathodoluminescence (CL) provides powerful information on compound semiconductor structure by delivering electron microscope (SEM or STEM) coupled spectroscopic information with a spatial resolution far better than what would normally be permitted based on the diffraction limit of light. While CL provides critical information for the development of new materials and devices, most electron microscopes have been developed with an aim towards attaining the highest resolution in other measurement parameters (e.g., backscattered or secondary electrons). As a result, CL performed on traditional electron microscopes often requires a sacrifice in electron microscope and/or CL performance to meet the needs of both aspects of these measurements.

Attolight has developed new technologies that minimize these sacrifices, thus allowing for the best performance in CL measurements. Discussions on SEM modified design will be presented with applications for both research settings as well as measurements on full wafers for industrial applications. Similarly, new designs for CL measurements in STEM systems will be presented that allow for optimal CL measurement as well as light-injected experimental designs in STEM systems.


Dr. Sonderegger has many years of experience in the design, development and application of ultrafast CL technology. He obtained his MS in Physics while studying at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne) and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France). His Master’s thesis on the optical properties of semiconductors was conducted at the Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute (Russia). During his PhD at EPFL, he further developed Attolight’s ultrafast cathodoluminescence technology and used this technique to advance the understanding of optical properties of nitride based structures. Samuel decided to jump into the entrepreneurial world after his PhD and founded Attolight to offer a new generation of continuous-mode and time-resolved cathodoluminescence products.

Hosted by: John Bowers

Submitted by: Amanda Miller <otc-admin@ece.ucsb.edu>