Aug 29 (Tue) @11:00am: ”Self-Aligned InAs/InP MOS-HEMTs for High Frequency Applications,” Logan Whitaker, ECE PhD Defense

Date and Time
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 1001


InP-Based HEMTs are valued for their high-frequency, low-noise applications. Traditionally, additional performance has been attained by gate length scaling, but current scaling laws are broken. Previous work on MOS-HEMTs showed that by replacing the InAlAs barrier with a thin ZrO2 dielectric, gate leakage and output conductance could be reduced to allow for further gate length scaling.

This talk will give an overview of work on a new, self-aligned, MOS-HEMT process that improves high frequency performance by minimizing fringe capacitance. Typical Bi-layer photoresist T-gates were replaced with regrown InP-supported V-gates to achieve self-alignment. Additionally, the link region was significantly thinned to further reduce fringe capacitance.


Logan Whitaker is a 4th year PhD student in Professor Mark Rodwell’s high frequency electronics group. His research focuses on InP-based, high frequency MOS device fabrication. Logan received his B.S degree in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University in 2019 and his M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2021.

Hosted by: Professor Mark Rodwell

Submitted by: Logan Whitaker <>