March 13 (Mon) @ 3:30pm: "High-performance MOCVD-grown Quantum Dot (QD) Laser on GaAs and Si Substrate," Lei Wang, ECE PhD Defense

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Compared with its quantum well (QW) counterpart, QD lasers have demonstrated unique properties in high efficiency, high operation temperature, low power consumption, low linewidth enhancement factor, low sensitivity to back reflection, and low sensitivity to defects in direct-epitaxy on Si. MOCVD is widely applied in the compound semiconductor industry for high-volume production, given te merits of the high capacity of the chamber and high growth rate. This thesis is to develop MOCVD-grown QD lasers to facilitate the application of QD lasers. High-performance QD lasers on both GaAs and on Si have been demonstrated.

Hosted by: Prof. Jonathan Klamkin

Submitted by: Lei Wang <>