ECE Seminar Series – April 5 (Fri) @ 2:00pm: "Creating Intelligent Cyberinfrastructure for Democratizing AI: Overview of the Activities at the NSF-AI Institute ICICLE," DK Panda, Prof., CSE, Ohio State U.

Date and Time
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 1001
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every sector of society, from transportation and autonomous vehicles to biodiversity, and wildlife conservation to food production and smart foodsheds and is widely believed to be the driving force for the next information revolution. However, there is a massive and ever-growing gap between available AI techniques and their availability to end users across a range of application domains. Existing AI applications are developed in a largely ad-hoc manner, lacking coherent, standardized, modular, and reusable infrastructure. This talk will start with an overview of the ICICLE (Intelligent CyberInfrastructure (CI) with Computational Learning in the Environment), an NSF-AI Institute, to address these challenges. We will demonstrate how ICICLE seeks to be the first and foremost edge-to-center AI-as-a-service enterprise for the emerging computing continuum, advancing foundational AI research by fostering next-gen CI for AI to support the wholesome democratization of AI through responsible plug-and-play, and extending the usability and usefulness of AI to the wider population. An overview of the activities at the institute spanning multiple directions, CI (high performance computing, networking), AI (statistical machine learning, computer vision, knowledge graphs, model commons and conversational AI), data privacy and trust, visualization, use-inspired sciences (Animal Ecology, Digital Agriculture, and Smart Foodsheds), Workforce Development (WFD), and Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) will be highlighted. Overall, the talk will demonstrate the feasibility of designing intelligent CI for AI which can be easily adapted to various parts of the computing continuum and serve multiple use-inspired domains.


DK Panda is a Professor and University Distinguished Scholar of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University. He is serving as the Director of the ICICLE NSF-AI Institute ( He has published over 500 papers. The MVAPICH2 MPI libraries, designed and developed by his research group (, are currently being used by more than 3,300 organizations worldwide (in 90 countries). More than 1.75 million downloads of this software have taken place from the project's site. This software is empowering many clusters in the TOP500 list. High-performance and scalable solutions for Deep Learning frameworks and Machine Learning applications from his group are available from Similarly, scalable and high-performance solutions for Big Data and Data science frameworks are available from Prof. Panda is an IEEE Fellow and recipient of the 2022 IEEE Charles Babbage Award. More details about Prof. Panda are available at (

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