CCDC "Dynamical Systems"

More than 30 UCSB faculty are connected with the inherently interdisciplinary Center for Control, Dynamical Systems, and Computation (CCDC)

illustration of autonomous fleets

CCDC has strong representation from electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, and additional affiliates from mathematics, computer science, and chemical engineering. It is an area where, says center director, Andrew Teel, junior faculty are making significant contributions in a variety of areas. Summaries of projects from several of the rising stars:

  • Autonomous Fleets - Mahnoosh Alizadeh & Ramtin Pedarsani
    The ECE assistant professors are working on it. They are applying mathematical analysis to develop algorithms for controlling dynamical systems, which are rife with constantly changing variables. In this case, they are developing an optimized system for a fleet of driverless ridesharing vehicles.
  • "Humans and Engineered Systems" - Jason Marden
    A great deal of ECE professor Marden’s research emanates from the simple observation that “humans are complicated.” “If you’re thinking about an engineered system that will be utilized by people, it’s fundamentally important to understand how people make decisions,” says Marden, whose research integrates engineering, control theory, and economics theory.

COE/CLS Convergence magazine (F19) - "Dynamical Systems: change is the constant" (full article)

COE/CLS Convergence magazine (F19)