ECE in COE Convergence (S19) mag

ECE affiliated faculty and alumni represented in Convergence: York, Culler, Bowers, Jerphagnon, Blumenthal, Banerjee

Convergence – the Magazine of Engineering and the Sciences at UC Santa Barbara (Spring 2019 issue)

ECE in COE Convergence (S19) mag

 ECE in COE Convergence

"The Evolution of Entrepreneurship" (page 17) 
Thirty years ago, UCSB inventors had no clear path for taking ideas to the marketplace.  Now they do. Here's how it happened. (York, Culler, Bowers, Jerphagnon)

"Moving Precision Lasers from Bench Scale to Chip Scale" (page 25)
Dan Blumenthal's lab shrinks a high-performance laser, paving the way for broader applications. (Blumenthal)

"Paving the Way for Graphene to Enter Mainstream Electronics" (page 31)
Kaustav Banerjee's lab develops an innovative synthesis process, overcoming a stubborn obstacle to wide-scale deployment of graphene in the semiconductor industry. (Banerjee)