ECE in COE Convergence (F/W 21) mag

ECE affiliated faculty and postdocs represented in Convergence: John Bowers, Chao Xiang, B.S. Manjunath, Angela Zhang, Nina Miolane

cover of COE Convergence (F/W21) mag

Convergence – the Magazine of Engineering and the Sciences at UC Santa Barbara (Fall / Winter 2021 issue)

ECE in Convergence

"The First Commercially Scalable Integrated Laser and Microcomb on a Single Chip" (page 12)
The Bowers Lab and collaborators develop long-awaited breakthrough technology (Bowers and Xiang)

"We believe that our achievement could become the backbone of efforts to apply optical frequency comb technologies in many areas, including efforts to keep up with fast-growing data traffic and, hopefully, slow the growth of energy consumption in mega-scale datacenters." — John Bowers

Focus On: Models and Simulations "The Ciona, Model Organism" (page 32)
In this issue's "Focus On" section, five professors, plus postdoctoral researcher Angela Zhang, discuss theory, modeling, simulation, and their application in the context of specific projects in the professors’ labs. (William Smith – MCDB Prof., Manjunath and Zhang)

"Angela would come up with a hypothesis, saying maybe, ‘I think these cells are inhibitory and connect with other cells that appear to be inhibitory,’ and then we’d do various behavioral and pharmacological experiments and be able to say, ‘Yes, that really is how it works.’ It’s modeling, and we’re working together." – William Smith

New Grants  (page 34)
During the 2020-‘21 academic year, the College of Engineering had: 324 proposals awarded | $91.7 M awarded in total to the COE | The largest sponsors of awards =  $20.7 M DOE;  $18.5 M NSF; $11.3 M NSF

  • "Development of an Ultrafast, Ultrasensitive, High-resolution Direct Electron Detector for Next-Generation Electron Back-scattered Diffraction of Metallic and Beam-sensitive Materials" (4 MAT faculty & Manjunath)
  • "A Unifying Deep Learning Framework Using Cell Complex Neural Networks" (Miolane)