Krishna – UCSB Student Peer Advisor

ECE Electronics & Photonics MS/PhD student Athith Krishna to work to create representative spaces for the international graduate student population and provide specific resources for International student success at UCSB

photo of athith krishna

As an International Graduate Peer, Krishna will work with the Graduate Division, Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) and the Division of Student Affairs to develop and implement programs and resources of interest to UCSB’s international graduate student community. He will also be organizing workshops, presentations, articles, and providing one-on-one meetings for faculty, students, and staff on the best practices for international student success. 

Krishna has a specific interest to help connect cultural and international interest student clubs/orgs on campus with graduate students, and help them get involved in various on-campus events outside the research lab setting. He will also be planning various international student specific career & professional development and funding workshops in collaboration with various on- and off-campus resources, and advising the international graduate students at UCSB to the resources they need the most.