ECE in COE Convergence (S22) mag

ECE affiliated faculty, postdoc and graduate & undergraduate students represented in Convergence: ECE Faculty – S.L. Smith, G. Moody, J. Bowers, J. Buckwalter, K. Camsari, S. DenBaars, U. Mishra, S. Nakamura, D. Strukov, Z. Zhang; Postdoc – S. Azzam; PhD students – K. Parto & T. Tang; Ugrad student – Q. Dang

cover of COE Convergence (S22) mag

Convergence – the Magazine of Engineering and the Sciences at UC Santa Barbara (Spring 2022 issue)

ECE in Convergence

"Using Two Photons (Instead of One) for a Better View of Brains" (page 17)
ECE professor builds a new microscope for imaging widely distributed neural circuitry (Spencer Smith)

"With normal imaging, you see only the very top of the brain. Two-photon imaging allows us to image deeper down and still attain sub-cellular resolution." — ECE Prof. Spencer L. Smith

"Focus On: Ugrad Student Research – What UGR’s Add in the Lab" (page 26)
In this issue's "Focus On" section, readers learn about how working in faculty labs transforms students’ lives (Galan Moody and Quynh Dang)

"EE undergraduate student Quynh Dang came to our group and, with very little experience, helped me put together the tutorials for the quantum photonic teaching labs for my courses and she was amazing." — ECE Prof. Galan Moody

"Henley Hall: Honors and Achievements" (page 4)
Henley Hall, home of the CoE's Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE), received The American Architecture Award as well as LEED Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council, its highest rating for energy efficiency and sustainability (ECE Prof. and IEE Director John Bowers)

"We designed Henley Hall to be energy-efficient from the ground up and it is great to have received such recognition for those efforts” — John Bowers

"Faculty Awards and Recognitions" (pages 40-42)
CoE faculty recognized between June 2021 and March 2022 receive many of the most prestigious awards and honors bestowed by academic and professional societies for their leading-edge research and contributions to their fields (CoE Convergence)

ECE faculty acknowledged are John Bowers, James Buckwalter, Kerem Camsari, Steven DenBaars, Umesh Mishra, Galan Moody, Shuji Nakamura, Dmitri Strukov, Zheng Zhang

"Award-winning CoE Students and Postdoctoral Researchers" (page 43)
Numerous graduate students, as well as postdoctoral scholars in the CoE received national recognition for their work while in pursuit of discovery between June 2021 and March 2022 (ECE Postdoc and Graduate Students)

ECEs acknowledged include Postdoc Shaimaa Azzam and PhD students Kamyar Parto & Tianqi Tang