Andrei Isichenko – NVC Finals Team

ECE PhD student Andrei Isichenko, a member of team WaferPath, has advanced to the finals of the Technology Management Department's New Venture Competition (NVC)

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UC Santa Barbara's Technology Management Department has selected six teams to compete later this month in the 2023 New Venture Competition (NVC) Finals. Finalists were selected from a field of twenty teams that participated in the New Venture Fair. Formatted like a trade show, teams demonstrated their products and made poster presentations. The NVC Finals will take place on Thursday, May 25, at 2:30 PM, at Corwin Pavilion. 

WaferPath is a cloud-based platform for managing R&D of novel devices for the photonics industry. It provides a standardized process flow tracker to maximize learning from each fabrication run and a transparent overview of complex, multi-material device development. We empower companies to accelerate their product development cycles, saving time and financial resources, and facilitate the development of novel photonics technologies

Isichenko, a member of Professor Dan Blumenthal's Optical Communications and Photonic Integration Group (OCPI), received his B.S. and M.Eng. in Engineering Physics at Cornell University in 2018 and is pursuing an Electrical Engineering PhD at UCSB. Prior to UCSB, he spent 8 months working at PsiQuantum on automated test and measurement for integrated modulator development. During undergraduate summers he worked at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on trapped ion atomic clocks and photonic systems for stable timing signal distribution. Andrei's research interests include optical frequency metrology, atomic clocks, and space-based sensing and communication. Besides research, Andrei enjoys mountain biking and rock climbing. He is a recipient of the US DoD NDSEG fellowship and UCSB Regents fellowship.

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