K. Agashiwala: COE Outstanding EE TA

Graduating students in each undergraduate degree program within UC Santa Barbara’s College of Engineering select one outstanding teaching assistant (TA) to recognize for his or her service and dedication to student success with Electrical and Computer Engineering TA Kunjesh Agashiwala receiving the recognition

photo of Agashiwala

Born in Mumbai, India, Kunjesh Agashiwala is a sixth-year electrical and computer engineering (ECE) PhD student at UCSB. He earned dual degrees in physics and electrical and electronics engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani. He worked as a TA for two undergraduate classes this year, ECE 134 (Introduction to Fields and Waves), and ECE 120A (Semiconductor Device Processing). As a result, graduating seniors named him the 2022-’23 Outstanding Teaching Assistant of Electrical Engineering. Agashiwala says that this award gives him a tremendous sense of pride and satisfaction.

“Teaching has been one of my great joys of graduate school, and I feel incredibly overwhelmed that my teaching pedagogy has been well received,” said Agashiwala. “This award is incredibly helpful for my future endeavors, as it not only demonstrates my ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, but also to foster an inclusive and engaging learning environment.”

Agashiwala’s approach centers around breaking down complex topics into small manageable steps, guiding students toward developing a natural understanding of a topic, and emphasizing the practical applications of what they are learning.