G. Moody: COE Outstanding EE Faculty

Graduating seniors in every undergraduate degree program in the College of Engineering recognize a faculty member each spring and the Class of 2024’s COE Outstanding Faculty in Electrical Engineering is Professor Galan Moody

photo of galan moody

Excerpt from the College of Engineering News

Galan Moody, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, designs, fabricates, and tests integrated quantum photonic devices and quantum materials relevant for quantum information processing, communications, and sensing. Since joining the UCSB faculty in 2019, Moody has received numerous accolades, including an Early CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation and a Young Investigator Research Award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Graduating seniors have awarded him another distinct honor, naming him the Electrical Engineering Program’s Outstanding Faculty Award, a recognition that Moody describes as “special.”

“Getting the chance to teach such amazing students is what pulled me back into academia five years ago,” said Moody. “I feel fortunate to be able to teach many classes with labs, and I love seeing students’ faces light up when things begin to ‘click’, and they begin to really understand difficult concepts through hands-on learning.”

Moody said that the Class of 2024 endured many challenges over the past four years, in addition to the rigorous coursework. He has been impressed by their perseverance, and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances and find ways to stay connected and engaged, especially through research projects, capstone projects, and internships. 

“When I think of students in the Class of 2024, they embody a spirit of determination and resilience, and they’ve proven that they can thrive in challenging situations,” said Moody. “As they continue their careers, I have one piece of advice: find what you’re passionate about, and use all the skills and knowledge that you’ve developed at UCSB to follow your passions and make impactful contributions to the world.”