K. Agashiwala: COE Outstanding EE TA

Graduating students in each undergraduate degree program within the College of Engineering select one outstanding teaching assistant (TA) to recognize for their service and dedication to student success with Electrical Engineering TA Kunjesh Agashiwala receiving the recognition

photo of agashiwala

Excerpt from the College of Engineering News

Kunjesh Agashiwala is just a few weeks away from completing his PhD in electrical and computer engineering (ECE) from UCSB. After graduation, he will begin a career in the tech industry with Siemens. He says that being recognized by graduating seniors as the Electrical Engineering Program’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant for the second year in a row is a tremendous honor and gives him a sense of immense pride and satisfaction. 

“Teaching has been one of the great joys of graduate school, and I feel incredibly overwhelmed that my teaching pedagogy has been well received,” said Agashiwala, who earned dual degrees in physics and electrical and electronics engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, in Pilani, Indiana. “Moreover, it boosts my confidence and motivates me to continue striving for excellence in my future interactions with undergraduate students.”

Agashiwala said that he aims to positively impact his students by breaking down complex topics into manageable steps. Rather than simply providing solutions, he guides students to develop a natural understanding of the subject matter, moving beyond textbook definitions. 

“I also emphasize the practical applications of their studies, as understanding the real-world implications of what they are learning is crucial. By connecting theory to real-life scenarios, students gain a deeper appreciation for the subject and its relevance,” said Agashiwala. “Adopting these teaching techniques has greatly benefited me as well. This philosophy is deeply meaningful to me, reflecting the hard work and dedication of my past TAs, professors, and teachers. As an educator, I feel a responsibility to pass on this knowledge and support the next generation of learners.”

Advised by Professor Kaustav Banerjee, Agashiwala works on integrated circuits (ICs), which play a crucial role in nearly every appliance. ICs are made up of billions of tiny component transistors, which are connected through an intricate network of dense wiring. His work revolves around developing new wiring technologies for ICs that can significantly improve their performance, increasing communication speeds, and reducing heat generation. Ultimately, the research has significant implications for artificial intelligence, big data processing, and other applications that rely on high-performance ICs to handle vast amounts of data efficiently.