A. Khanna: COE Outstanding EE Senior

Every spring, the College of Engineering recognizes the graduating seniors who have the highest cumulative grade point average (GPA) from each degree program – this year’s Outstanding Senior in Electrical Engineering is  Arun Khanna

photo of a. khanna

Excerpt from the College of Engineering News 

Arun Khanna describes his first year at UCSB, which happened to be during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as being a period of adjustment, but one that taught him valuable lessons in adaptability and resilience. A first-generation college student, Khanna says that he is proud to receive the 2024 Outstanding Senior Award in Electrical Engineering, an honor given to the graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade point average in the degree program. 

“It’s truly humbling,” said Khanna, who participated in UCSB’s Excursion and Fencing Clubs. “This honor reflects not just my efforts but also the collective support and inspiration that I’ve received from my professors, peers, and family.”

After completing a summer internship at the Livermore National Laboratory, Khanna will begin working in a global rotational role for Ørsted in the offshore wind turbine industry. 

“Both of these opportunities align perfectly with my passion for sustainable energy, and my goal of making a positive impact on the environment,” said Khanna. “I feel well prepared.”

He also expressed his gratitude to professors Jason Marden, Clint Schow, and Mahnoosh Alizadeh. He said that their guidance went beyond the classroom, and they provided invaluable mentorship and support that shaped his educational journey.