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EE Capstone Projects 2023

From The ECE Current newsletter article "EE Capstone Projects 2023"

Through the UCSB Electrical Engineering (EE) Capstone Projects program, all EE seniors complete a year-long engineering design project, either as part of a 4-5 person team of Electrical Engineering students or on a 10-12 person multidisciplinary team that also includes Mechanical Engineering and Art Students. Projects are completed in collaboration with and are mentored by industry partners and UCSB research labs.

In the 2022-23 academic year, our students completed 9 EE-focused projects and 3 multidisciplinary projects in areas such as robotics, control systems, vision systems and AI, RF circuits, optics, autonomous driving, embedded design, and many others. Several teams also entered their projects in various competitions, including OceanPulse (EE), whose networked buoy system for ocean monitoring propelled them to the finals of the 2023 UCSB New Venture Competition, and GANER (multidisciplinary), whose ship maintenance robot placed first in the US Navy’s 2023 Robot Rodeo competition.

All participating students presented their projects at the 2023 UCSB Engineering Design Expo, during which a panel of industry and faculty judges selected the top projects to receive the following awards:

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  • Excellence in Multidisciplinary Engineering: GANER
  • Excellence in Electrical Engineering: LineAlert
  • Outstanding Innovation in Electrical Engineering: FusionSense
  • Distinguished Technical Achievement in Electrical Engineering: ASML ControlSense

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