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Research Initiative: Professor Luke Theogarajan

The ECE Current Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Theogarajan’s research group along with the Bowers group at UCSB, researchers at NIST, Caltech EPFL, and UVA has utilized integrated photonics controlled by low power, low-phase noise CMOS control electronics to realize a miniaturized optical frequency synthesizer. The project is funded by the DODOS DARPA program.

The team comprised of Aaron Bluestone (now at HRL), Akshar Jain, Mitra Saeidi, and Alex Nguyen designed control electronics capable of precisely switching the laser frequency with a precision of 725 MHz and a stability of 1 part in 1018, while consuming only a few hundred milliwatts of power. The researchers are currently working on electronics for the precise determination of f0 and integrating the electronics with photonics in a small package. A demonstration of the frequency switching is shown by displaying the UCSB logo as frequency steps of the tunable laser.

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