"ECE Distinguished Lecture: ‘The Joy of GPS, & the Scourge of Multipath’"

Frank van Diggelen, Vice President of Technology, Broadcom

November 14th (Friday), 10:00am
Engineering Science Bldg (ESB), Room 1001

photo of speaker with background
The Joy of GPS, why GPS is the coolest technology today: this lecture will explain by showing what makes GPS unique. We’ll start by reviewing how GPS works: just one slide because it’s so simple; yet within minutes you’ll see that the concepts and technology are deep and beautiful. We will cover the science behind GPS, including discoveries and theory from Kepler to Newton and Einstein: all applied together in GPS.

Thanks to GPS, the technology of navigation is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime transition from a tiny elite to the masses. You will see how GPS exists at the three-way intersection of Technology, Big Science and Society. And we will preview what GPS and related location technologies will mean to us in the future.

The Scourge of Multipath, after introducing you to some of the beauty of the science of GPS, we’ll delve into the greatest unsolved problem: multipath in urban environments. We’ll see what the problem is, why it has proved so intractable, what engineers are doing about it, including here at UCSB. And why it represents one of the great opportunities for young researchers to make an industry-changing breakthrough.

Lecture Video (YouTube): “The Joy of GPS, & the Scourge of Multipath”

About Frank van Diggelen:

Frank van Diggelen is a Broadcom Fellow and Broadcom Vice President of Technology, he is also a consulting professor at Stanford University where he teaches a graduate class in GPS. This fall he produced the first GPS MOOC – a Free online class on GPS. It starts on Coursera, October 13 2014, and runs for 6 weeks.

Frank has been involved in navigation his entire career, and is a pioneer in Assisted-GPS (A-GPS). He has over 80 issued patents on A-GPS; and is the author of the first A-GPS text book: "A-GPS, Assisted GPS, GNSS and SBAS".

He has a PhD (EE) from Cambridge University. And, most importantly of all, he is a Gaucho Dad, with a sophomore son, Lewis, majoring in Biology.

Hosted by: U. Madhow, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering