TE Connectivity joins industry affiliates of ECE Prof Dan Blumenthal’s Terabit Optical Ethernet Center

September 12th, 2013

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TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectivity, has joined the Terabit Optical Ethernet Center (TOEC) research center at UC Santa Barbara as its newest affiliate member. The company joins other industry affiliates Google Inc., Verizon, Intel, Agilent Technologies and Rockwell Collins Inc. TOEC is working on developing the technology necessary for a new generation of Ethernet that is a thousand times faster, and much more energy efficient, than today’s most advanced networks. They are aiming for 1 Terabit Ethernet over optical fiber—1 trillion bits per second—by 2015, with the ultimate goal of enabling 100 Terabit Ethernet by 2020.

“TE Connectivity is recognized for its innovation in creating fiber networks across the globe,” says Daniel Blumenthal, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSB and Director of TOEC, which is part of UCSB’s Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE). “We’re pleased that they have joined our board and are working with us to make 1 Terabit Ethernet over optical fiber a reality.”

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