ECE Professor Yasamin Mostofi’s “X-Ray Vision for Robots with Only WiFi” research highlighted in The UCSB Current

August 6th, 2014

youtube video
ECE Professor Yasamin Mostofi and graduate student researchers, Saandeep Depatla and Lucas Buckland, enable robots to see through solid walls with Wi-Fi

Imagine unmanned vehicles arriving behind thick concrete walls. They have no prior knowledge of the area behind these walls. But they are able to see every square inch of the invisible area through the walls, fully discovering what is on the other side with high accuracy. Now, imagine robots doing all these with only WiFi signals and no other sensors.

Read UCSB’s The Current article “Now You Can See the Invisible” to learn more about Mostofi’s x-ray vision and wi-fi research.

X-Ray Vision for Robots (YouTube video)

Mostofi Lab (project website)