Dr. Deblina Sarkar receives the UCSB Winifred and Louis Lancaster Dissertation Award for Math, Physical Science and Engineering

June 14th, 2016

2016 UCSB honors in Letters and Science recognize recipients of Dean’s award and other prizes of academic achievement in the sciences, social sciences, humanities and fine arts

photo of deblina sarkarFour undergraduate and four graduate students in the College of Letters and Science at UC Santa Barbara have been selected to receive awards for outstanding scholastic work.

ECE’s Deblina Sarkar, who completed her Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering, was a member of the Nanoelectronics Research Lab (NRL) and advised by Professor Kaustav Banerjee. She is presently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dr. Sarkar’s research, combines the interdisciplinary fields of engineering, physics and biology, aims to bridge the gap between nanotechnology and synthetic biology to create a new paradigm for computational electronics as well as to invent disruptive technologies for neuroscience. Her doctoral research addressed one of the burning issues that plagues the Electronics Industry and threatens the environment: the exponential increase in power dissipation with technology scaling.

Sarkar’s present research focuses on understanding the brain which when decoded, can not only open up new avenues for treatment of neuronal disorders but can also transform the way electronic computations are performed today. Her ultimate aim is to augment the brain with nano-bio hybrid prosthetics to create smarter and healthier minds.

Dr. Sarkar was recognized at the 2016 Graduate Division commencement ceremony held on Sunday, June 12 on the Faculty Club Green.

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