Forbes covers ECE Professor Kaustav Banerjee’s newly invented Kinetic Inductor

March 21st, 2018

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Banerjee’s latest invention of a kinetic inductor that overcame a 200 year old fundamental limitation of the original device has received comprehensive coverage by the international business magazine Forbes

In an article titled, “The last barrier to ultra-miniaturized electronics is broken, thanks to a new type of inductor”, the magazine stated that with connected devices and the Internet of Things poised to become a multi-trillion dollar enterprise by the mid-2020s, this new type of inductor could be exactly the kind of revolution the burgeoning industry has been hoping for.

Since their invention in 1831 by the English scientist, Michael Faraday, all inductors had remained essentially the same in terms of their working principle that involved the magnetic inductance only. This, however, caused a fundamental scaling problem. In January this year, Professor Banerjee demonstrated a fundamentally new kind of inductor that exhibited sufficient kinetic inductance to beat the inherent limitations of the Faraday design for the very first time.

According to Forbes, due to this invention, next-generation communications, energy storage, and sensing technologies could be smaller, lighter, and faster than ever. Quite aptly, the article concludes, “And thanks to this great leap in nanomaterials, we might finally be able to go beyond the technology that Faraday brought to our world nearly 200 years ago”.

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Forbes – "The Last Barrier to Ultra-Miniaturized Electronics is Broken, Thanks to a New Type of Inductor" (full article)

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