ECE Ph.D. alum Jiahao Kang receives the 2018 UCSB Winifred and Louis Lancaster Dissertation Award for Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering

May 22nd, 2018

photo of jiahao kang
As the Lancaster recipient, Kang is the only College of Engineering graduate student awardee invited to be a member of the Graduate Division Commencement Ceremony’s Platform Party

In his dissertation titled, “Two-Dimensional Electronic Materials and Devices – Opportunities and Challenges,” Kang focuses on understanding the fundamental issues in 2D materials, such as contacts, interfaces and doping, and in identifying device applications uniquely enabled by these materials. His contributions to the physics of metal contacts to 2D semiconductors, dielectric interfaces and doping have transformed 2D semiconductors from solely scientifically-interesting materials into high-performance electronic devices and also paved the way for a number of radical innovations for his research lab. This includes a novel graphene-based on-chip inductor technology exploiting the kinetic inductance with both small form-factors and high-inductance density, that were once thought unachievable in tandem.

According to Graduate Division Dean Carol Genetti, the Lancaster Award Committee selected Kang’s dissertation due to its sophistication, originality, and exceptional scholarship. His dissertation will serve as UCSB’s Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Engineering entrant in the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS)/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award competition. The Winifred and Louis Lancaster Dissertation Awards are named after two community leaders who contributed time, talent, and financial resources to UCSB for more than half a century.

Kang was a member of ECE Professor Kaustav Banerjee’s Nanoelectronics Research Lab (NRL) and is the second member in a row from NRL to receive the Lancaster Award. Upon graduation, he joined Royole Corporation, a Silicon Valley startup developing flexible electronics. During his doctoral research, he contributed to around 50 papers including five Nature, 11 IEDM, Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Physical Review X, IEEE Electron Device Letters, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, and Applied Physics Letters. According to Google Scholar, Kang’s total number of citations exceeds 2100 with an h-index of 17. In 2016 Kang was awarded the Peter J. Frenkel Foundation Fellowship from UCSB’s Institute for Energy Efficiency and the IEEE Electron Devices Society PhD Fellowship. His research interests are at the intersection of nanotechnology, materials physics and electronics.

Dr. Kang will be recognized at the 2018 Graduate Division Commencement Ceremony held on Sunday, June 17 on the UCSB Commencement Green.

UCSB Winifred and Louis Lancaster Dissertation Awards

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