College of Engineering honors ECE’s Outstanding award recipients Douglas (Senior), Rodwell (Instructor) and Goebel (TA)

June 26th, 2019

photo of kyle douglas
More than 360 UC Santa Barbara undergraduate students complete the requirements to earn bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering during the 2018-19 academic year

They convened on Saturday, June 15 for the College of Engineering’s 2019 graduation ceremony, where a handful received special commendations for outstanding academic performance and service to the university.

Outstanding Seniors

Each year, the college recognizes the graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade point average from each degree program. This year’s Outstanding Seniors were Kyle Douglas (electrical engineering), Sayali Kakade (computer engineering), Dorian Bruch (chemical engineering), Hyun-Bum Cho (computer science),and Thomas Fork (mechanical engineering).

Accordingly, Douglas, Bruch and Fork serves as student marshals, carrying the banners and leading the academic procession into the ceremony. All three students earned 4.0 GPAs, the first three-way tie for the honor in College of Engineering history.

Douglas and Kakade were participants in the Capstone project Eternal Flight, which addresses the short-term battery life in unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. Douglas, a native of San Diego, will continue on at UC Santa Barbara as a graduate student focusing on control theory. Following graduation, Kakade, who completed two summer internships with Google, will begin working for the company as a software engineer.

Outstanding Faculty and Teaching Assistant Awards

The senior class in each engineering degree program selected an outstanding faculty member and teaching assistant (TA).

The class of 2019’s Outstanding Faculty were Mark Rodwell (electrical engineering), Yoga Isukapalli (computer engineering), Michael Gordon (chemical engineering), Diba Mirza (computer science), and Elliot Hawkes (mechanical engineering).

The 2019 recipients of the outstanding TA awards were Michael Goebel (electrical engineering), Steve Bako (computer engineering), Koty McAllister (chemical engineering), William Eiers (computer science), and Jamie Booth (mechanical engineering).

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