Steven DenBaars

Distinguished Professor

3514 Engineering II
Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Electronics

Jonathan Klamkin


3205D Engineering Science Bldg.
Integrated Photonics; Silicon Photonics; Optical Communications; Nanophotonics; Microwave Photonics; Compound Semiconductors; Photonic Integration Techniques; and Electronic-photonic Integration

Umesh Mishra

Dean of the College of Engineering & Distinguished Professor

2215C Engineering Science Bldg &
Physics and Technology of Devices Based on Wide Bandgap Materials. Applications: Engineering materials properties, Microwave Electronics, Power Electronics, Opto-electronics and Sensing

Christopher Palmstrøm

Distinguished Professor

2508 Engineering II
Quantum and Topological Materials, Materials for Quantum Information Systems, Spintronics, Metallization of Semiconductors, Thin Film Analysis, Dissimilar Materials Epitaxial Growth, and Molecular Beam and Chemical Beam Epitaxial Growth of Metallic Compounds, Heusler Compounds, Functional Materials, Magnetic Materials and Compound Semiconductors

Mark Rodwell

Distinguished Professor

2205F Engineering Science Bldg.
nm and THz electronics: THz Transistors, nm VLSI Transistors VLSI, 100-1000GHz RF/Wireless ICs, beyond-5G-wireless, ICs for fast Optical Fiber Communication

Robert York

Distinguished Professor

2215F Engineering Science Bldg.
Technology Management, High Frequency Electronics, Novel Electronic Materials, High-speed Devices, Complex Circuits, Sub-systems