James Buckwalter


2205C Engineering Science Bldg.
High-speed Mixed-signal Circuits, RF and Millimeter-wave Integrated Circuits and Systems, Photonics, Optoelectronic Interfaces, CMOS and III-V ICs

Mark Rodwell

Distinguished Professor

2205F Engineering Science Bldg.
nm and THz electronics: THz Transistors, nm VLSI Transistors VLSI, 100-1000GHz RF/Wireless ICs, beyond-5G-wireless, ICs for fast Optical Fiber Communication

Loai Salem

Assistant Professor

2221F Engineering Science Bldg.
Power Management Integrated Circuits including Energy Harvesters and RF Supply Modulators, RF Power Amplifiers, Low-power Mixed-signal Circuits with focus on New Architectures for Analog/Digital Circuits

Robert York

Distinguished Professor

2215F Engineering Science Bldg.
Technology Management, High Frequency Electronics, Novel Electronic Materials, High-speed Devices, Complex Circuits, Sub-systems