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Illustration: Brian Long, UCSB
Courtesy: Bowers, Optoelectronics Research Group

E&P Research Activities

Activities & faculty include but are not limited to:


Exploring biological and neural systems for interfacing or computation — Faculty

Circuit Design

Engineering electronic devices, including complex integrated circuits — Faculty

High Speed/Frequency

Engineering for MHz, GHz, and THz — Faculty

Low Power

Advanced engineering to do more with less — Faculty


Engineering resources for new components — Faculty


Technology based on nanoscale components and materials — Faculty


Optical devices for data, computation, sensing, imaging — Faculty


Integrated circuits with both optical and electronic components — Faculty


Technology for manipulating and transmitting photons — Faculty

Quantum Devices

Components that operate on quantum mechanical principles — Faculty

Silicon Photonics

Photonics devices built upon silicon-based — Faculty


Technology for the workhorse devices of electronics — Faculty


Free-space transmission of data — Faculty

E&P Research Overview

Electronics & Photonics research at UC Santa Barbara spans a wide spectrum of topics: material growth, compound semiconductors, high performance transistors, quantum devices, photonics, integrated circuits, low power design, optics, and systems/devices.

We design and build new semiconductors, transistors that are faster, communication channels with higher bandwidths, devices with lower power requirements, metamaterials with new capabilities, integrated photonics devices with unprecedented performance, and more. The results of our research form the building blocks for new systems and devices for sensing, communication, and computing.

Faculty in Electronics & Photonics are multidisciplinary and enthusiastically collaborative. There is a risk-tolerant spirit of bold exploration to cooperatively push the frontiers. This culture, combined with unique state-of-the-art facilities for characterization, growth, and micro fabrication, allows students and researchers to engage in cutting edge research activities. There is also an intense focus on transferring today's research activities into commercial enterprises, as evidenced by the rich portfolio of start-up activities and industry partnerships from this group.

For more detailed descriptions of faculty research and activities, please follow the links to the various research centers, labs, and groups indicated on this page.

E&P UCSB Affiliations

E&P Faculty Groups / Labs

Name Group / Lab Research Interests
Daniel Blumenthal Optical Communications and Networks, Optical Packet Switching, Ultra-Low Linewidth Lasers, Ultra Low Loss Waveguide (ULLW) Platform and Devices, Photonics for Atomic and Quantum Systems, Integrated Optical Gyros, Ultrafast Optical Signal Processing, Photonic Integration in InP, SiPh/InP and Silicon Photonic and Nano-photonic Device Technologies
John Bowers Photonic Materials, Devices, Systems and Networks
James Buckwalter High-speed Mixed-signal Circuits, RF and Millimeter-wave Integrated Circuits and Systems, Photonics, Optoelectronic Interfaces, CMOS and III-V ICs
Nadir Dagli Design, Fabrication, and Modeling of Photonic Integrated Circuits; Ultra-fast Electro-optic Modulators; WDM Components; Photonic Nanostructures, Novel Photonic Materials
Steven DenBaars Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Electronics
Jonathan Klamkin Integrated Photonics; Silicon Photonics; Optical Communications; Nanophotonics; Microwave Photonics; Compound Semiconductors; Photonic Integration Techniques; and Electronic-photonic Integration
Umesh Mishra Physics and Technology of Devices Based on Wide Bandgap Materials. Applications: Engineering materials properties, Microwave Electronics, Power Electronics, Opto-electronics and Sensing
Galan Moody Quantum Photonics and Optoelectronics; Integrated Photonics; Quantum Computing, Communications, and Networks; Hybrid Quantum Systems; Quantum Dots; 2D Materials
Christopher Palmstrøm Quantum and Topological Materials, Materials for Quantum Information Systems, Spintronics, Metallization of Semiconductors, Thin Film Analysis, Dissimilar Materials Epitaxial Growth, and Molecular Beam and Chemical Beam Epitaxial Growth of Metallic Compounds, Heusler Compounds, Functional Materials, Magnetic Materials and Compound Semiconductors
Mark Rodwell nm and THz electronics: THz Transistors, nm VLSI Transistors VLSI, 100-1000GHz RF/Wireless ICs, beyond-5G-wireless, ICs for fast Optical Fiber Communication
Loai Salem Power Management Integrated Circuits including Energy Harvesters and RF Supply Modulators, RF Power Amplifiers, Low-power Mixed-signal Circuits with focus on New Architectures for Analog/Digital Circuits
Clint Schow Optoelectronic/Electronic Integration and Co-design, Photonic Switching, Equalization Techniques for High-speed Optical Links, Optoelectronic Devices, Integrated Transceiver Packaging
Jon Schuller Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Photovoltaics, Organic Semiconductors, and IR Spectroscopy
Spencer L. Smith Optics, Imaging, Neural Circuitry, Machine Learning, Optical Computing
Robert York Technology Management, High Frequency Electronics, Novel Electronic Materials, High-speed Devices, Complex Circuits, Sub-systems