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Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE 188)
Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

An event held by the ECE Department to showcase Electrical Engineering (EE) student teams and their “Capstone” senior year design projects

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11:45 am to 1:00 pm – Posters & Projects & Pizza in the ESB Courtyard

Student teams from Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering will be displaying posters and presenting final prototypes of their full-year senior design projects. Attendees are all invited to explore the various projects, speak to the students, and enjoy some complimentary refreshments.


1:00 to 4:40pm – Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 1001

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1:00 – multidisciplinary project with Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

A one-tenth scale autonomous car using real-time perception and control to navigate to its destination on a college campus

Sponsor: Hespanha Group (ECE Prof. João Hespanha)

Team: Selim Karahan, Eduardo Lopez, Brian Montoya, Justice Shephard, Haodong Wu

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1:20 – an algorithm that manages a fleet of autonomous vehicles for ride sharing service

SponsorAlizadeh Group (ECE Prof. Mahnoosh Alizadeh)

Team: Andy Bao, Yiliang Chen, Vance Finley, Arthur Wang, Fan Wu

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Unlimited Vision

1:40 – Unlimited Vision is an enhanced instrument imaging system for arthroscopic surgery that tackles supplemental surgical awareness


Team: Shaun Chen, Caitlynn Chung, Rhea Desai, Kelly Lu, Ethan Luu

ASML DropVision


2:00 – an algorithm that examines vaporized plasma droplet images to evaluate and determine its performance in EUV lithography


Team: Dylan Hu, Austin Lynch, Tianyuan Nan, Lawrence Su, Yi Wang

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2:20 – low cost noise proof Raspberry Pi based Programmable Logic Controller

SponsorPLC/HMI (ECE Prof. Reza Abdolee)

Team: Harry Chen, Jinhua Hu, Sebastian Magana, Zilong Wang, Ben Wu

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2:40 – a distributed MIMO radar system pushing the boundaries of automative safety

Sponsor: MIMO (WCSL Lab – ECE Prof. U. Madhow & RFIC Lab – ECE Prof. Jim Buckwalter)

Team: William He, Justin Kim, Yang Liu, Shaan Sandhu, Ethan Sifferman

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3:10 – a platform for developing a laser based horticultural lighting system that can provide optimized light for plant growth without the detrimental heat generation of LED and lamp based lighting systems

SponsorHorticulture Lighting (CNSI, Exec. Dir. of Tech, Dr. Tal Margalith)

Team: Roberto Perez, Gary Shen, Christian Wu, David Zhou, Terry Zhuang

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3:30 – Optical Neural Network (B.A.I): a neural network based on optics that can classify images with low energy consumption

SponsorSLAB Lab (ECE Prof. Spencer L. Smith)

Team: Bryson Bolin, Samuel Fei, Cathy Geng, Siyu Lin, Eaman Tang

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3:50 – Maskless Projection Lithography: a novel lithography process that allows the end-user to go straight from design into manufacturing devices

SponsorBiomimetic Circuits & Nanosystems Group (ECE Prof. Luke Theogarajan)

Team: Emily Ashikari, Ryan Avila, Sanaaya Lakdawala, Alex McGee, Nirav Pakala, Salim Tarazi



4:10 – a low-cost temperature calibration device that reduces error in thermal imaging devices


Team: Bryan Jang, Zahin (Zain) Kabir, Liam Marckx, Antonio Medina, Blake Russell

EE / ME Multi-disciplinary Projects

The following multi-disciplinary Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering projects teams will also be presenting their posters at this event.

And, on June 3 (Fri) from 2:00 to 5:00pm at Campbell Hall, the same teams will be presenting their posters and prototype demos at the College of Engineering's Capstone Expo 2022.

Babybot (Lab D4H – ME Prof. Tyler Susko): a therapy robot that has the potential to revolutionize therapy access and quality for children with cerebral palsy, enabling them to develop greater mobility independence in a fun and safe manner
 SAAPER (Robot Rodeo): a robot designed to autonomously maneuver through a Navy ship environment and is equipped to complete tasks along the way in order to eliminate the need for humans to be in harm’s way
TRILOW-G (Hawkes Lab – ME Prof. Elliot Hawkes): a payload for lunar gravity sub-orbital spaceflight to demonstrate the performance of a novel, bio-inspired, soft-robotic anchoring device for use in granular media
Spyglass (FLIR): a stabilized visible and infrared camera system geared towards day and night sailing

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