ECE graduate student Arif Gungor receives 2nd place at UCSB’s Art of Science competition

March 22nd, 2017

Photo of Arif Gungor's Crack Range
Art of Science winners, including Gungor from ECE Professor Nadir Dagli’s group, share the beauty of science through imagery describing some aspect of their research. Competition sponsored by ECE Professor John Schuller’s lab and other groups.

Seeking to encourage researchers to express the joy of scientific discovery through aesthetics, UC Santa Barbara again held its Art of Science competition. About 1,400 members of the campus community voted in the fourth annual contest sponsored by ECE Professor Jon Schuller’s Lab, the Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships at the California NanoSystems Institute, the College of Creative Studies and the UCSB Library.

From the 56 entries, four winners and six honorable mentions were chosen. Graduate students took win, place and show. Nicole Leung and Tyler Ogunmowo of the Craig Montell Lab received first place for “Neuronas o árboles?” Arif Gungor, who works with Nadir Dagli, vice chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was awarded second place for “Crack Range.”

The Art of Science initiative recognizes the creative and experimental nature of science and challenges UCSB researchers to visually communicate the beauty inherent in scientific investigations. Participants in the competition use everything from photographs to spectroscopic images to data visualizations to reflect their discoveries.

All of the artwork will be exhibited at the UCSB Library beginning on July 28.

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