Shiv Chandrasekaran

Professor & Vice Chair of EE Undergraduate Studies

3109 Harold Frank Hall
Fast Algorithms for Partial Differential Equations, Signal and Image Processing

Jerry Gibson

Distinguished Professor

3163 Harold Frank Hall
Agent Learning and Reinforcement Learning Lossy Source Coding, Information Theoretic Signal Processing, Voice and Video Compression, Multimedia over Networks, Wireless Communications

Hua Lee

Distinguished Professor

3121 Harold Frank Hall
High-Resolution Imaging Techniques; Microwave, Acoustic, and Ultrasound Imaging Systems; Medical Imaging Devices; Distributed Sensing and Imaging Networks

Upamanyu Madhow

Distinguished Professor

3165 Harold Frank Hall
Next-generation Communication, Sensing and Inference Infrastructures centered around Millimeter Wave Systems; Signal Processing Algorithms; Robust Machine Learning

Nina Miolane

Assistant Professor

3155 Harold Frank Hall
Geometric Statistics, Geometric Deep Learning, Topological Deep Learning, Equivariant Deep Learning, Shape Analysis, Computational Medicine, Theoretical Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience

Kenneth Rose

Distinguished Professor

3153 Harold Frank Hall
Information Theory, Source Coding and Networking, Distributed Coding, 360-degree Video Coding, 3D Audio Coding, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Nonconvex Optimization