Kerem Çamsarı

Associate Professor

4111 Harold Frank Hall
Nanoelectronics, Spintronics, Emerging Technologies for Computing, Digital and Mixed-signal VLSI, Neuromorphic and Probabilistic Computing, Quantum Computing, Hardware Acceleration

Bongjin Kim

Assistant Professor

5151 Harold Frank Hall
Integrated Circuits and Systems, Memory-Centric Computing, Analog Mixed-Signal and Digital VLSI, Hardware Accelerator, Alternative Computing, Brain-Inspired and Neuromorphic computing, Machine Learning Hardware, Design Automation

Behrooz Parhami

Distinguished Professor

5155 Harold Frank Hall
Computer Arithmetic, Parallel Processing, Dependable Computing, Computer Architecture

Dmitri Strukov


5153 Harold Frank Hall
Solid-State Nanoionics, Emerging Electron Devices and Circuits, Non-Volatile Memories, Neuromorphic Computing

Luke Theogarajan

ECE Chair & Professor

3010 BioEngineering
Low-Power Analog VLSI, High Speed Electronics for Photonics, Biomimetic Nanosystems, Neural Prostheses, Biosensors, Block Polymer Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Microfabrication