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BS/MS Degree

The combined BS/MS in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program at UC Santa Barbara seeks to prepare undergraduate students at UCSB more deeply and broadly than the Bachelor's program alone.

The program allows outstanding students to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering or Materials and to complete graduation requirements for both degrees ideally within five years.  Graduate units taken during the student's senior year will allow the completion of MS program requirements in the fifth year.

Applications are accepted once per year with the application deadline the last day of Spring quarter.


  • The BS/MS in ECE program is ONLY open to current UCSB Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering students
  • Students must have completed all required upper-division ECE & CS courses when they apply and must have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0, but this does not guarantee admission.


Interested students should begin reviewing the process early in their 3rd year (typically their junior year) and plan to apply in the Spring quarter of that year.

As this is an accelerated program, it is expected that all of the required courses for the EE major are completed including all of the junior required courses. GRE exams are not required to apply.

Advancing to Master's Status

An application fee is required to finalize advancement to Master's status. Contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator (Trailer 380, Room 101) about advancing to Master's degree.

Interested in the EE BS/MS Program?

BS/MS options available for EE undergraduates:

To check the status of an ECE application contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator

ECE BS/MS Application


Deadline: June 14, 2024

A completed application packet consists of:

  1. Completed ECE BS/MS Application Form
  2. Statement of Purpose (1 pg. min., 2  pgs. max)
  3. Personal History and Diversity Statement (1 pg. min., 2  pgs. max – 250 words minimum)
  4. Resume or CV
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation
  6. Unofficial Transcript