ECE Graduate Course Offerings

This proposed schedule is subject to change. To review the most up-to-date listings of all courses, instructors, times and locations refer to GOLD (UCSB Student Gaucho On-line Data). If you do not have access to GOLD, refer to the UCSB Schedule of Classes.

Students are responsible for determining and completing the necessary prerequisites for all ECE courses.



Coming Soon — Fall 2021 through Summer 2022


Graduate Courses

Number Graduate Courses F2020 W2021 S2021 M2021**
201A Electromagnetic Theory I X      
205 Information Theory   X    
210A Matrix Analysis and Computation X      
210B Numerical Simulation   XD*    
210C Numerical Simulation of PDE - Finite Difference Methods     XD*  
210D Numerical Solution of PDE - Finite Element Methods XD*      
211A Engineering Quantum Mechanics I   X    
211B Engineering Quantum Mechanics II        
215A Fundamentals of Electronics Solids I   XD*    
215B Fundamentals of Electronics Solids II        
217 Molecular Beam Epitaxy & Band Gap Engineering     X  
218A Communication Electronics X      
218B Communication Electronics II   X    
218C Communication Electronics III     X  
220A Semiconductor Device Processing X      
220B Semiconductor Device Processing   X    
221A Semiconductor Device Physics I   X    
221B Semiconductor Device Physics II     X  
224A VLSI Project Design     X  
225 High Speed Digital Integrated Circuit Design   X    
227A Semiconductor Lasers I   X    
227B Semiconductor Lasers II     X  
227C Photonic Integrated Circuits        
228A Fiber Optic Communications X      
228B Fiber Optic Components and Systems   X    
229 Hybrid Systems        
230A Linear Systems I X      
230B Linear Systems II        
232 Robust Control        
235 Stochastic Processes in Engineering X      
236 Nonlinear Control Systems   X    
240 Optimal Estimation and Filtering   X    
242 Digital Signal Compression        
243A Digital Communication Theory        
250 Wireless Communication & Networking X      
251 Mobile Embedded Systems        
252B Computer Arithmetic     X  
253 Embedded System Design X      
254A Advanced Computer Architecture: Supercomputers        
254B Advanced Computer Architecture: Parallel Processing   X    
254D Advanced Computer Architecture:  Memory-Centric Computing   X    
256C Advanced VLSI Architecture and Design   X    
257A Fault Tolerant Computing X      
258 Multirate Digital Signal Processing   X    
261 Introduction to Nanophotonics        
271C Dynamic Optimization     X  
272A Machine Learning in Design and Test Automation   X      
272B Artificial Intelligence in Design and Test Automation     X    
278C Imaging Systems   X    
281B Advanced Topics in Computer Vision   X    
282 Error Coding        
283 Machine Learning: A Signal Processing Perspective     X  
284 Theoretical Machine Learning   X    
285 Advanced Image Synthesis   X    
289 Introduction to Robotics - Dynamics & Control X      
594 Special Topics in ECE   X    
594 Special Topics in ECE   X    
594 Special Topics in ECE        
594A Special Topics in ECE: Circuits     C  
594B Special Topics in ECE: Systems Theory     X  
594BB Special Topics in ECE: Computer Engineering X (ZZ) X (KC) X (PL)  
594BB Special Topics in ECE:  Computer Engineering   X (BK) X (ZZ)  
594BB Special Topics in ECE: Computer Engineering        
594C Special Topics in ECE: Communication Systems        
594D Special Topics in ECE: Control Systems   X    
594Q Special Topics in ECE: Imaging Systems X X X  
594T Group Studies in ECE: Robot Control     X  
594U Special Topics in ECE: Optoelectronics        
594V Special Topics in ECE: Scientific Computation X      
594Z Special Topics in ECE: Nanotechnology     X  

Last Updated: 3/19/21

X = ECE Instructor
*XD = External Department Instructor
TBA = To Be Announced
C = Canceled
** Summer (M2021) = To Be Announced