Forrest Brewer


4159 Harold Frank Hall
VLSI Design and Architecture, System Level Tools and Specification, Electronic Design Automation, Low-Power Sigma-Delta Control and Signal Processing

Bongjin Kim

Assistant Professor

5151 Harold Frank Hall
Integrated Circuits and Systems, Memory-Centric Computing, Analog Mixed-Signal and Digital VLSI, Hardware Accelerator, Alternative Computing, Brain-Inspired and Neuromorphic computing, Machine Learning Hardware, Design Automation

Peng Li


4123 Harold Frank Hall
Integrated Circuits and Systems, Brain-Inspired Computing, Machine Learning Enabled Electronic Design Automation, Hardware Machine Learning Systems, Robust Machine Learning

Dmitri Strukov


5153 Harold Frank Hall
Solid-State Nanoionics, Emerging Electron Devices and Circuits, Non-Volatile Memories, Neuromorphic Computing

Luke Theogarajan


3010 BioEngineering
Low-Power Analog VLSI, High Speed Electronics for Photonics, Biomimetic Nanosystems, Neural Prostheses, Biosensors, Block Polymer Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Microfabrication

Zheng Zhang

Associate Professor

4109 Harold Frank Hall
Electronic and Photonic Design Automation; Mathematical Data Science; Uncertainty quantification: Tensor-based Machine Learning and Hardware